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Four varieties of medicinal mushrooms now available at health-focused Toronto café, nutbar

Four varieties of medicinal mushrooms—an ancient superfood—are now available at health-focused Toronto café, nutbar. Medicinal mushrooms have been recognized as a highly potent superfood for thousands of years and long used for their healing powers in traditional Chinese medicine. Lauded for their healing and boosting potential—from immune function, to offering anti-aging or nootropic properties—medicinal mushrooms are making a comeback.

nutbar has newly introduced medicinal mushrooms as a tasteless tincture $1 add-on to all their smoothies, coffee and matcha, or in the special “matcha + mushroom misto” ($6.50), an elixir of ceremonial matcha, all four mushroom types, and a dash of steamed nutbar nutmilk, the café’s signature real nutmilk blend.

Harnessing the incredible health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, we’re excited to offer Torontonians the ability to give their daily coffee or tea habit a serious nutrient boost,” said Kate Taylor Martin, nutbar’s founder and a holistic nutritionist. “Used regularly, these ancient superfoods can do what we’re all looking for – give us an energy boost, keep our immune system in check, help us manage stress and improve our vitality and well-being.”

Choose Your Mushroom - customize any nutbar beverage, see types and effects of medicinal mushrooms available:

  • Chaga: vitality
  • Reishi: anti-stress
  • Lion’s Mane: brain power
  • Cordyceps: energy

nutbar has also introduced three new super powered tonics incorporating the many health benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

  • Chill Pill ($9): infused with reishi and chaga mushrooms to help the body naturally adapt to stress
  • Beauty Bomb ($11): chaga mushrooms help radiant skin + hair, and strong nails
  • Power Potion ($11): a blend of cordyceps and lion’s mane boost this coffee alternative, providing antioxidants, immunity enhancers, and brain boosters


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About nutbar

nutbar is a superfood snack cafe. We’re best described as a “healthy coffee shop,” putting the world’s most nutrient-rich and highest-quality foods in the spotlight. Our delicious and vibrant snack-based menu is carefully sourced, made-in-house, and radiates with the powers and potentials of superfoods. We pride ourselves on not cutting any corners – we choose the best suppliers, use food that is 100% organic (and local when possible) and obsess over the quality of every single item we serve. Our menu promises to fill you up and make you “feel good here” because our goal is to provide a healthy mind in a healthy body.

We opened our first location in December 2016 in Toronto’s Summerhill neighbourhood, and our second location in December 2017 in downtown Toronto’s Assembly Chef’s Hall.